Brittany Tucker’s Rising Stars Presentation





                              Greetings! My name is Brittany Tucker. It has been a joy, honor, and a privilege to do the Rising Stars Project and work with Mrs. Romano!


                              Since I’ve started the Rising Stars Project, I’ve learned what a good leader consists of! I learned the factors of being a good leader...Good leaders have confidence, character, self-discipline, self-esteem, persistence, and integrity. I learned that the key to success is not external but “internal”. It is learning to develop and use more of the potential you already possess!  I learned the goal-setting process and being able to visualize, crystallize, and dream! The goal-setting process helped me accomplish one of my goals... It helped me “pass” my exams with Regents credit! For that, I am thankful!


                             My goals in the future are to graduate from high school with high standards with a scholarship, graduate from college, get a job, a house, a car, and maybe one day, get married and have kids and teach them how to be a leader!


                            Some benefits I got out of this project was learning how to control my attitude and listen to other people’s feelings. I think schools should consider this program because it teaches people what they can expect in life and it also helps them figure out their goals and what they want to achieve in life! This program can also take place in community groups and churches!


                           My favorite chapter was changing your attitude...It made me realize that I needed to reflect on my attitude and actions. Rising Stars helped make me see that people are looking at how you carry yourself as a young lady. I expanded my vocabulary with words such as “enhanced” and “crystallize”! Since I have been coming to Rising Stars, people in school, teachers, and my parents, see the change in me! I learned how to handle problems in a different way. I learned how to respect people'’ feelings...I have stopped talking to people who are full of “negative” energy and hang out with people who are full of “positive” energy!!!! I am heading towards my dreams and learned  how important choices are in life! It made me see what I can expect out of life. I wrote this assignment to say,  “This is not the end...It is only the beginning...”


                             I would like to say thank you to my parents, my grandmother, and Mrs. Romano....It is with your help, that I am the Rising Star that I am today!



                                                                                                                      Thank you...