Joenia Palmer’s Rising Stars Presentation





                          Hello...My name is Joenia...Before I start my speech, I would like to thank the people who took the time out to put me in this program...I would like to thank Ms. Tamica, Mrs. Romano, My best friend Markeeta, and my sister Robin.


                         I am a graduate of rising Stars! I have developed mentally and emotionally. I have been cultivated into a better person. My English and other work have been excelled! I have also learned that it is not right to berate a young child, or to yell at a child because they don’t know any better, or understand as well as you.


                        This program has taught me that “incentive motivation” is something that  I shouldn’t look for in order to do something. My favorite chapter of the book was “Glancing Back”...It explained how my past effects my future. I believe this program has taught me many things...such to set and achieve my goals, which has enhanced my academic performance in school and at home. It has also helped me crystallize my personal dreams and goals...To also take the time to examine the concepts outlined in this process and begin to incorporate them into my daily habits... Some daily habits are negative...such as watching TV and trying to do homework at the same time. It has also taught me strategies for solving problems... Rising Stars has helped me develop in my decision-making by teaching me that it is better to take time to think about my answer before answering, and also to keep my first answer because most of the time it is always right!


                       The best thing I liked about Rising Stars was learning new things! I would recommend this program for other teens, because I believe that if this program can make me better, can change them in their academics and performances too! I also think that schools and communities should have a Rising Stars Program...


                      I believe that from this program, I have had many benefits! There was goal-setting and achieving, problem-solving, and leadership skills. This program would be great for grown-ups who want to set goals and achieve their goals!


                     A goal that I have accomplished while I was in Rising Stars was that I brought my grades up. I believe that leadership skills and success are related by leadership skills helping me and teaching me how to succeed in life. My direction that I am leading into career-wise is...I want or plan to go to college after I  graduate from high school and get a Bachelors Degree and then I plan to get a Medical Degree so that I could be a pediatrician, veterinarian, or an emergency room medical doctor and maybe all! I now know how to choose my friends and the people I hang out with carefully. I also understand that if I believe I can do it, then I will make it!


                                                                                                 Thank You...