Le Shana  Jones Rising Stars Presentation




                      Hello, my name is Le Shana Jones. While participating in Rising Stars, I have learned multiple life skills! I have learned mainly how to be persistent and this was a major concept that I needed to obtain!


                     I also learned how to cope with the stressful situations in life....As a result of the goal-setting process, my five week goal was to accomplish self-happiness. I achieved this by realizing what was making me unhappy and changing it for the positive.


                    Rising Stars is a very inspirational experience. I think this opportunity should be available in schools because the positive impact is very helpful...It is a very interesting program to be involved in. This experience has taught me self-confidence, strong friendship bonds, and the importance of goal-setting skills. The concepts in the Rising stars book are excellent! My most favorite chapter was time management... It taught me how to manage and save my time!


                   Lastly, I would like to thank Mrs. Romano for the positive values that she has imposed upon my life. I can honestly say that I know they will last for the rest of my life...


                   Rising Stars has truly made me a leader!!!