Markeeta Hughes Rising Stars Presentation




                             Hi! My name is Markeeta Hughes and Rising Stars is very helpful to not only younger people  but older ones too! It doesn’t create great people but it just lets them know that they can make a difference in their lives if they are at a difficult state of mind. Some people don’t have motivation and that is what Rising Stars is all about! Ms. Veronica, CRUCIAL’s bookkeeper, influenced me to join this program. I really liked Rising Stars because it helped me throughout my difficulties.


                            My favorite quote from out Rising Stars book is: “Time is the most valuable coin in your life. You and you alone will determine how that coin is spent. Be careful that you do not let other people spend it for you.” ...By Carl Sandburg.


                           Some of the benefits that I got from Rising Stars are: My vocabulary has been enhanced, I learned that I have different self-actualization, self-esteem, social acceptance, safety and security and physical needs. These are also known as The Hierarchy of Needs. When you have all of these needs, that’s just one more step to leadership!


                           The goals I have accomplished are: I do more homework and my grades are getting higher! My favorite chapter in the book is “Do You hear What I Hear”...It teaches you that just because you’re talking to someone doesn’t mean you’re listening...In this chapter, there are three fundamental principles. They are: 1) Keep your thoughts organized and speak slowly enough for your listener to understand. 2) Remember the KISS rule...Keep It Short and Simple! 3) Keep your verbal and non-verbal messages the same.


                         I think schools should have Rising Stars because then most of the children in the schools will have higher grades and they wouldn’t be in all the trouble that they’re in!


                         I would definitely recommend this to other teens! Some of the new vocabulary that I have started to use is perseverance, optimistic, self-determination, integrity, and enhancer!


                         When I grow up, I want to be a forensic scientist for the F.B.I.  Rising Stars has made me even more determined to go to college. The best part of Rising Stars was doing something new and developing my mind!


                         I  would like to thank Mrs. Romano because she has inspired me to stay on the correct path...Ms.Tamica, because without her I wouldn’t be in the YO Program..., Ms. Veronica, because she is like a second mother to me..., and I would like to thank my Mom, Robin...Unfortunately, she’s ill and wasn’t able to attend.


                                                                                                Thank You!