Xamarys Rosado’s Rising Stars Presentation





                           Hi! My name is Xamarys Rosado and coming to Rising Stars has changed me for the better! When I first came to rising Stars, I visualized myself to be fine the way I was...I then realized as we went along the different chapters, that I had a lot to learn!


                           This program has helped me realize that I had to change and improve in order to succeed. After the last chapter, I was a changed person...I now communicate more...I speak out when I have to...and so much more.


                          The chapter that had an impact on me was Chapter 4...Attitude is Everything. The part that I read that attitude affects your results...I decided I needed to change...I started thinking positive and made positive self talk a habit!


                          I think schools desperately need this program because kids need to learn how to act in a good manner and how to succeed in life. I also think that grown-ups should take this program because the reason a lot of grown-ups can’t succeed, make good decisions, or set goals is because they don’t know how! It’s never to late to learn! Andrew Carnegie once said, “Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power.”


                          I learned many new words upon taking this program...from “crystallize” to “incorporate”, and “abundance” to “berated”. I’ve taken it upon myself to increase my vocabulary because it will help me to succeed. This program has helped me so much and I am so thankful...I now go to church and plan on getting baptized!


                         I thank Mrs. Romano for everything she’s done for me...She’s been a true inspiration and mentor...To all the Rising Stars, thank you...And just because we are now shining, does not mean we need to stop rising! In this case, the sky is not our limit!




                                                                                                          Thank you...