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Peggy Ann Romano, Founder Peggy Ann Romano's formal training is in the field of education. She has been successfully involved in teaching, mentoring, training, sales, marketing, and research. She is a servant leader both in the private and public sector as well as the religious community. The initiatives are often concerned with equality and justice. Ms. Romano has served in decision-making roles for numerous community organizations. She is a "seasoned professional" with her community volunteer efforts fostering the community's growth and development of its people by "opening the minds" of citizens and eliciting leadership behavior.

Because she has been an integral part of the performance, directing by example, care, and commitment, Scintillae... was founded as a formality to implement the disciplines needed to achieve success. Her teaching and training experience encompass working with a vast range of people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. She has taught and trained at the elementary, high school, and college level as well as in the workplace. Ms. Romano has experience in launching new products and increasing sales in the fragrance industry. She is also a registered dental hygienist who continues to take her CEU's to maintain her up to date license and status. At the present time, Ms. Romano is the only "certified facilitator" in New York State for the student leadership process "Rising Stars" which is based upon the 40 Developmental Assets of the Search Institute.

At her leisure, she attends the philharmonic concerts, listens to jazz, attends art and cultural events, travels, goes antiquing, does flower arranging and has taken Ikabana lessons as well as china painting, reads, writes children's books and inspirational poetry and prayers. She can be found baking the best apple pie and some traditional Italian cookies and biscotti! Her home is filled with much happiness as measured by the number of people sitting around the table! She enjoys entertaining and loves to learn about different cultures and traditions... Conversation about the "substance of life" fascinates her. Energy abounds in this life-long learner and goal-directed woman... "She" is always moving forward... walking the walk and talking the talk... with the purpose of contributing in assisting the people of this world to move to their next level of "being" and "productivity". Her dreams include having Leadership Development as part of the elementary, high school, and college curriculum mandated for all students, as well as establishing a Scintillae... Foundation that would provide funding for initiatives to improve humankind that would promote a healthy, productive, and peaceful society.

She can personally be reached at

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