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Scintillae's Senior Empowerment Process is designed to address the mental health needs of our aging population. The mind, body, spirit connection is integral to the facilitation of the interactive focus groups and one on one delivery.

The purpose of this type of facilitation is to serve individuals with positive mental nutrition that will positively affect their behavior… increasing wellness, quality of life, and their own effectiveness!

As a vital asset to community, the Seniors, many times…think and do not feel as important to society as they once did. Through creative questioning, participants engage in dialogues that encourage the positive aspects of aging and bring to light the personal value they continue to possess and contributions to society and community yet to be achieved!

The main objective is to instill within each individual served, a positive mental outlook celebrating the joy of living each day…they shall realize that personal growth and development is vital to increase the mind/body benefits!

Senior Empowerment shall increase the mind/body benefits through:

  • Developing a positive mind-set by positive thinking.
  • Building self-esteem.
  • Boosting self-confidence.
  • Enhancing decision-making skills through life-style changes and good choices.
  • Utilizing energy in a positive and constructive manner when interfacing with family and friends, as well as contributing to the wellness of their community.
  • Boosting the immune system.
  • Elevating one's mood.
  • Improving sleep.
  • Decreasing stress and anxiety.
  • Increasing personal effectiveness.

Scintillae's Senior Empowerment shall foster a never too late to be great philosophy that reflects the focus of Scintillae's practice, Leadership Development!

Embracing change as we age isn't easy…our character development must continue…the mind DOES affect the body and our spirit, to live life on earth to the fullest! It is a direct reflection of our Leadership Development Skills!

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