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Overview of Rising Stars

The Rising Stars Leadership Process is a comprehensive course consisting of intensive "thinking" and "doing". It is a behavioral change management process with positive long-term effects.

Students will be guided by a certified facilitator for Rising Stars. The goal of the process is to teach the participants leadership skills to succeed academically as well as becoming a vital part of the community. This is accomplished by developing the "whole person" ...the social, mental, physical, family and home, ethical, and career/financial aspects of life.

The program outcomes are:

  • Apply self-assessment skills
  • Seek options in diverse environments and groups other than their own
  • Make informed and goal-directed decisions
  • Communicate effectively in diverse situations
  • Demonstrate leadership characteristics in school, at home, with their peers and the larger community

As part of a National Task Force addressing such important issues as increased academic performance, lowering drop-out rate, decreasing school and neighborhood violence, preventing drug and alcohol abuse, pregnancy-prevention, and the list goes on! Scintillae... is a trailblazer in an endeavor to make a positive impact in the field of education by collecting data and having research and evaluation done to demonstrate to educators the importance of this type of development, as it relates to academic and personal excellence! It is Scintillae...'s dream to have leadership skills in curriculum so every child can succeed by using the gifts and talents that they have been blessed with to benefit themselves, the world, and ultimately society. Imagine... Yes... Imagine... It can be... It must be... Leadership and Peace for the world to see... Begins with Rising Stars, and You, and Me!

Click on a name to view student presentations from February 2003:

Leadership Development from People to Reality
Leadership development empowers the people that make up the community to create a vision and be empowered by commitment, drive, and motivation, to make the dreams and vision become a successful reality.
I must 'be' so I can 'do...'

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